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Knee Hold, first time!

It hurts, but so much fun! Learned this on the pole fitness 2- practise two days ago, and the video is taped after the class. My knees hurt so bad still, and I’m beginning to wonder when it will pass. I want to do more of the knee hold! Oh, I discovered that it’s easier (less painful) to walk in high heels than in flat shoes, strange ting.

The film is the first time I managed to let go of my arm(s), but when I discovered I was only hanging by my feet I panicked and of course fell down..


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Since I can’t edit the movies I’ve taken, I’ll post some screen-shots instead. This is something I learned the other day at the Pole fitness 2-class. I’ve known about the move fore a long time, but the handstand is scary! I don’t trust my own strength to keep me up, and I’m really not all that into falling into the ground if I can prevent it…

(Note to self: Point the toes!!!)

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Pointed toes.

Workout yesterday was horrible. I couldn’t manage the simplest of things, just kept sliding off the pole. I we had a few of such days, and I’m beginning to wonder if it could have something to do with the warm up. Because every such day the tempo of the workout is low, and the only warm up is walking to the studio. Might need to learn a warm up routine and keep my workouts in an higher tempo, so that every workout is awesome!

At least I got some nice pictures from the videos I took. With pointed toes and everything!  So, now I have a few new photos. I hope next training will be better, and that I can make someone take a few photos of the new poses I’ve learned.

Tomorrow is MOVING DAY! I can’t wait to be done. And since Monday is a red day, I can use the whole day to unpack. I need go give away some of the things I don’t use, but it’s hard! I might need it someday? Nonono… I won’t, I know…

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Pole fitness 2.

One word: Love it!

Yesterday was the first time with the Pole fitness 2-class, and I’ve already learned lots of new stuff. Some awesome spins, and some (scary!) poses. The bruises aren’t to bad, mostly burns. (friction burns? I’m not sure about the right word for it.) I don’t bruise the same way I did before, a good ting since summer is right around the corner.

I need to remember to point my toes, in my head I think I’m doing it right, but then Toppe (the instructor) is like “You’re forgetting it again…“,”Remember your feet!“, “There is only one thing that’s wrong…“. Wonder how I’ll make myself remember? Have to come up with something smart. Maybe I should glue something heavy to my feet so that I remember them? That might be an bad idea..

An ‘old’ photo, since there aren’t any new  (I’ll take some later this week!) :

Discovered this morning that I can’t fit into my favourite pants any more, can’t pull them over my butt! And my second favourite pants are real uncomfortable wearing… Don’t know if I should cry or laugh. I really love those pants, but guess I’ve gain the weight I was trying to put on. My dear beloved pants, it’s time to say goodbye <‘3

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Five hours of workout this weekend. Love it! One hour of Yoga, and four whit pole dance/fitness. I’m hurting all over, but it was so worth it. But  no workout tomorrow, that would be overdoing it…

I’ve learned a new dance routine, or almost at least. Keep messing up the moves and forgetting half of it. But it will be awesome with some practise! I filmed it today, but it looked bad so no video today. I’ve also, finally (!) managed doing a handstand from the ‘sitting-lean back-position-ting’. One word (again): Awesome! (But in the need of more upper body strength!)

I’ve also found something that might be a new pole goal, but since I’m not sure yet, I’ll leave the details out for now. It might be a bit unrealistic, but I hope it’s not! It would be amazing if it turns out to be possible. But, it is way into the future.

Next week the pole fitness 2-class starts, I’m so looking forward to that! And also, my moving day is getting closer, I can’t wait to be done and get everything in place. Right now it’s chaos (and not control in the chaos as it usually is), and I can’t make myself do anything about it, giving myself the excuse of “But I’m moving soon…” Horrible excuse.. Can’t find anything, and using a whole lot of time looking for stuff.

Since I don’t have any new pictures I’ll post some I haven’t shown you yet : )

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I’ve been in my home town since Thursday, and have enjoyed every single day. Lots of family and good food. But tonight I’m travelling back to Bergen, but not to boring everyday life. The next weeks my pole fitness-class and hip hop/street dance- class begins, and a pole-workshop on the 15th of May. Expensive, but so much fun! And in the end of may, I’m moving to another apartment. Not looking forward to the moving part, but when I’m finished and everything is in place, it is going to be awesome. I’ll have about four times as much space as I have now! And it’s a little bit cheaper… LML!

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