It’s only life.


A bit slow.

“We live and we learn, but sometimes we have to learn to live again.”

This quote was my first post on this blog. Half a year after being told this, I finally realised the meaning of it. Yeah, I’m a bit slow sometimes.

I’ve been quiet fore a few days now, because my letters wont make themselves into words.. I just get long chains of letters making no sense. Looking close to this: “ps ojgmrsbwæ rgpitjwa oøf km ibhj woepf ksigjwp wogj”. Even I can’t figure out what that’s suppose to mean, and it is my writhing!

I’ve got a few topics I would love to write something about, so hopefully the letters will start working with me soon. I’m getting a bit frustrated not being able to make them cooperate with me, even thinking about bringing out the whip if it doesn’t get better soon! Then I’ll show them who is the boss!

I am. I am. I am! I am the boss!

Stupid letters…

My life is taking some unexpected turns again. And at moments I wish I was about 3 years old and could roll around on the floor just screaming and beating at the floor. It would be so nice to get out some of the frustration, but I guess a proper workout would have the similar effect (and I wouldn’t feel as embarrassing afterwards)….

The different from last time this happened, is that now I’m in control. Or at least halfway. I could lay down and just cry and be miserable because things didn’t go the way I planed, or I could try to do the best out of them. I’ve decided on the last one (after being miserable a few days), witch means I need to see the possibility and not the problems. And stop thinking as much as I do. I make everything complicated since I think to much. So, no more thinking.

Anyway. The unexpected turns are that I’ve quit my job, and is moving up north to my home town again. Probably by August. It will be nice to have my family close, but I’m leaving a lot behind too. Some awesome friends, pole fitness/dancing – classes, and a city I really loved to live in. The good thing is, that since we live in the age of technology it will be easy to stay in touch, and I’ll be sure to take lots of trips down here. And, I’m not giving up on pole fitness/dance, I’m buying myself a pole and I’ll find some place to put it up.

What I’ll be doing up north is not yet decided.  There are a few options, but there will still be some time before I know fore sure. There will be lots of studying, and some form of work, but that’s all I know for now. Only time will tell.

The value.

“Change is hard

because people overestimate

the value of what they have

—and underestimate

the value of what they may gain

by giving that up.”


“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

I wish the day was 48 hours instead of 24, and that you still only needed 8 hours of sleep. I’m having a major problem with time management, and it doesn’t seem to be any end too it the next month or so. The strange thing is that I don’t know where all my time goes, I just blink and it’s gone. I’ve got constantly bad conciseness because of everything I’m not finding time to, like most of my friends. Oh well, I just have to find a solution!

I’ve spent the two last Wednesdays, doing something more than just the class I’m taking (Pole fitness 2). I’ve been in the pole fitness 1 class helping Toppe (my instructor) teaching. After getting an idea about that it would be fun to teach pole fitness, I’m actually learning how to do it now! Awesomeawesomeawesome! And a bit scary. Next time I’m doing the warm up, so I need to figure our something fore that. If I can’t think of something that will work, I’ll do the warm up Toppe uses. Just cross my fingers and hope I won’t mess it to much up. The girls in the class are good girls, so I’m sure it will go smoothly!

My focus fore the next workouts will be to gain more confident in moving around the pole, building strength, perfecting the poses/spins I know, and I’ll try using something called The pocket pole studio one of the days I’m doing a workout alone. It is an app fore Iphone and other I-things, filled with pole moves both pictures and videos. I’m planing on writhing a review when I’ve tested it properly.

I did this right two times, and since then I’ve never manage it again.

Need to figure out how to do it! (Oh, the picture is not the right way)

It hurts, but so much fun! Learned this on the pole fitness 2- practise two days ago, and the video is taped after the class. My knees hurt so bad still, and I’m beginning to wonder when it will pass. I want to do more of the knee hold! Oh, I discovered that it’s easier (less painful) to walk in high heels than in flat shoes, strange ting.

The film is the first time I managed to let go of my arm(s), but when I discovered I was only hanging by my feet I panicked and of course fell down..